About This Site
 Welcome to Who is Jimi Hendrix?  This site is about live performance of the legendary guitar player.  
If you are a dedicated Hendrix fan, please come and browse my site, and get information about his concert 
files anything new. If you are not the Jimi maniac, please use this site to get basic knowledge about him.

 35 years ago,I got a biography of Jimi Hendrix written by Curtis Night. By the end of a book, I found
out a poor discography of Jimi compiled by a Japanese music critic. In those days, I liked jazz music
(Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis and John Coltrane) and was observing about cool improvisation
of Jimi. Though he was the rock star, his live performance was equal to the improvisation of such jazz 
giants. As for his famous Purple Haze, It's confirmed there are more than 100 live performances during 
his whole life. But they are 100 different versions. I was determined to follow the footprint of this 
genius who died too young by compiling a complete live discography. 

 On this site, you will get information about his concerts-date,venue,set list,line-up and releases. 
You will realize Jimi performed his expression act energetically almost every night and the process
exhausted his talent. 

 Basically I compiled only live concert files which set list is confirmed. Therefore the following sources
is not included on my discography.

*pre-Experiences recordings
*studio recordings
*rehearsal performances(except a few concerts)
*home demo recordings
*studio jam sessions without audience and apartment jam sessions 
*promotion releases
*live footages not syncronized with audio(studio recordings or different live recordings)
*silent live footages
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                                                                             Sep. 18,2001.