1. Jimi Hendrix,Swing Journal,1975.
    C.Knight-Jimi translated by H.Okada
    I got it 31 years ago

 2. The Life Of Jimi Hendrix,Shinko Music,Tokyo,1993.    
    T.Brown-Jimi Hendrix A Visual Documentary-His Life translated by T.Yonemochi  
    The best guide of concerts data.
 3. Genius! Jimi Hendrix,Shinko Music,Tokyo,1994.    	
    J.McDermott-Hendrix Setting The Record Straight translated by K.Akiyama  
    Cool reviews of each concert.
 4. The Complete Guide To The Music Of Jimi Hendrix,Shinko Music,Tokyo,1995.    		
    J.Robertson-The Complete Guide To The Music Of Jimi Hendrix translated by T.Yonemochi  
    Incomplete one!!
 5. 6. Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy vol.1 vol.2,Daiei Syuppan,1996.    			
    H.Shapiro & C.Glebbeek-Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy translated by T.Okayama
    The bible of Jimi's recording data.
 7. Jimi Hendrix Recording Sessions 1963-1970,Shinko Music,Tokyo,1998.    				
    J.McDermott-Jimi Hendrix Sessions translated by K.Yamauchi,F.Morita 
    Detail of recording session data
 8. The Complete Guide To The Music Of Jimi Hendrix,Shinko Music Entertainment,Tokyo,2006.
    P.Doggett-Jimi Hendrix The Complete Guide To His Music translated by S.Shimada
    Newest guide book of Jimi.

 9. The Rock Guitarist,Gakken,Tokyo,2007.
    Guide for Jimi Hendrix by M.Hatanaka

 10. The Legend of Rock,Yamaha Atoss Music and Visuals,Tokyo,2008.
    T.Hirose & S.Ogawa-Discography plus DVD(V42 CLASSIC ALBUMS ELECTRIC LADYLAND)

 11. Jimi Hendrix An Illustrated Experience,Shogakukan,Tokyo,2008.
    J.Hendrix & J.McDermott-Biography and Archives translated by A.Hiroki
    plus CD included Clark University live 

                                                                            Apr. 10,2010.