Jimi Hendrix Live Discography(1966)

A:Discographical Reference Numbers
Set Lists : Tony Brown's Documentary
Concert Order : very likely correct
Video & Audio Source data : Courtesy of Kees De Lange
last updated Aug.13,2004

October 13,1966. Novelty Cinema,Evreux,France.
The First Gig
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:Jimi Hendrix(g,vo),Noel Redding(b),Mitch Mitchell(ds).
1.In The Midnight Hour
2.Have Mercy On Me Baby
3.Land Of A Thousand Dances
4.Everyone Needs Someone To Love
6.Johnny B.Goode
October 18,1966. L'Olympia,Paris,France.
for French Radio "Musicorama". Re-aired on French Radio,October 28,1992.
1.Killing Floor(A001 incomplete) 1 344
1.Killing Floor(A750 complete version) 287
2.Hey Joe(A002) 1 287 344
3.Wild Thing(A852) 344

video source:backstage footage,silent film,in black and white,5 seconds,French TV "Johnny Hallyday Special"
Sacre Soiree-TF1 on April 14,1993. Canal Plus on June 11,1993.
audio source:soundbord (1-3) 10 minutes,re-aired radio (1(incomplete),2) 5 minutes

December 13,1966. Rediffusion TV Studio,Kingsway,London,England?.
for Rediffusion TV "Ready Steady Go!" aired December 16,1966.

1.Hey Joe

video source:*(1) in black and white,4 minutes. no longer exists.

December 21,1966. Blaises Club,121 Queen's Gate,Kensington,London SW7,England.

1.Rock Me baby
2.Third Stone From The Sun
3.Like A Rolling Stone
4.Hey Joe
5.Wild Thing

December 29,1966. BBC Lime Grove Studios,Ares C Lime Grave,London W12,England.
for BBC TV "Top Of The Pops" aired live. Re-aired February 2,1967.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience:Jimi Hendrix(g,vo),Noel Redding(b),Mitch Mitchell(ds),Breakaways(backing vocals).

1.Hey Joe(A780 studio track with live vocal) 298(incomplete) 299(incomplete)

video source:in black and white,4 minutes. no longer exists.
audio source:original aired 4 minutes,re-aired 3 minutes

Background: November 25,1966. Bag O'nails Club,London,England.